Ilya Anisimov features on-line call (video consultation) and personal at home visits.

Ilya Anisimov is a doctor in a third generation grown in family of physicians.

Dr. Ilya is reanimatologist and anesthesiologist by his main specialization. He started his medical career at 1994. Dr. Anisimov worked in ICU and Operating rooms in Russia and Israel for about seven years at first. He accomplished the residence in Sochi general hospital, and then after additional education got a license in Israel at 1997.
Being a person of broad interests, Doctor Anisimov extended his experience by studying project management and full stack programming working at Ness technologies. Then he learned methods of medical business conduction, marketing and alternative medicine at BitMedicare.
For another five years Doctor Ilya Anisimov extensively prepared himself for private activity outside the hospital walls, learning and working in different emergency rooms, ambulance services, geriatric facilities and outpatient clinics instead of family physicians. Worked in hospital wards at fields of hematooncology, bone marrow transplantation, dialysis, transplantation, chest and cardiac surgery, vascular surgery.
Dr. Ilya also continued to build algorithmic approach to HOME BASED personal/online diagnosis and treatment. He systematized Israel drug database and build multiple software instruments for medical data analytics and patients management, including medical records and prescription generators.
At that days and for last nine years doctor Anisimov provide services for severely deteriorated patients at home, including hospice care for end of life patients and intensive care for other types of home hospitalization.
Dr. Ilya work now for Maccabi/Bayt-Ba-Lev and continue to provide private services for these categories of patients:

Visit at home/VIDEO Consultation for:
*those who are NOT critically ill but do not want to go to the hospital. Like fever, coughing, common cold, pain, other respiratory and digestive problems, dysuria, blood pressure change, glucose imbalance, dehydration, nausea and vomiting, weakness and other minor to moderate unrecognized conditions.
*patients who suffer/imbalanced/required immediate attention (meaning pain, unrest, vomiting, constipation, severe weakness, secondary depression, fever, bed sores, changes in consciousness and behavior and more)
*palliative/end of life/hospice patients

Issue of prescriptions (for medications registered in Israel only) including those categories but not only:
*renewal of chronic medications (when required urgently and family physician is unavailable)
*translation of abroad medications to Israel analogs (if applicable)
*medications for new conditions
*medications by written and signed recommendation from other specialists (in the case they didn’t provide appropriate prescription or it lost)
*any other case according to a law.